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dog troubles?
We practise science-based training methods to help you with any of your doggy woes.

Your relaxed, happy companion awaits!

Welcome to Cerberus

Training and dog walking offered throughout West Lothian

positive only - force free - respectful methods

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we provide:

  • Group classes for puppies and older dogs

  • 1 to 1 sessions

  • Group dog walking

  • Training Walks

Est. 2022

What we Offer

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Group classes, bespoke one to one training sessions and much more!


Hold the phone, who are these people?

Resident friendly goth and chatterbox!

Aimee was the manager of a well-known dog walking and training company for nearly 5 years, racking up a ridiculous amount of knowledge and experience along the way. If you need 10,000 hours to become an expert at something Aimee would be a master, as she has run training classes, shadowed, attended and held one to one training sessions, and tackled almost all dog problems your pupper can possibly throw at you.

Aimee grew up with lots of pets, mostly cats and even back then had a keen love for training. She would teach her cats tricks, and they would often join her for walks with their family dog.

Aimee's passion for training and all things dog only grew when she adopted Little Sparrow!

Sparrow has been the real driving force behind Aimee's fascination of dogs and their training capabilities. She was also the reason Aimee quit her corporate job way back in 2017 to follow this passion.

In 2017, Aimee adopted two (... yes two!) rescue German Shepherds called Shea & Fergus (biological siblings). These two really tested Aimee's skills as a trainer but it was a ultimately a blessing as it only fuelled her eagerness to learn and honed her training skills- and she wouldn't change them for the world!

Aimee is currently working on CPD in different areas of dog training and obtaining accreditations. 

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Aimee Boillat



An animal lover through and through - since childhood she’d beg her parents to let her have any pet imaginable, and after they sensibly declined (no you can’t have a sugar glider, 5 dogs, a bearded dragon and a chinchilla), a dream was born in the mini jester: to one day be surrounded by dogs.

Adulthood went ahead and happened to her, despite her protest, and she got an English Master’s degree and got to work for many-a-year. Yet, there was a hole in her heart, a hole that could only be filled by her childhood dream of dogs.

Having several rabbits and her fluffy cloud-boy Kiba enter her life, she finally had the mini menagerie she’d always wanted, but her dreams were yet bigger and woofier than one beloved house-wolf could provide. Training Kiba rekindled that past-dormant passion and love for training and working with dogs she’d always yearned for and she was hooked! She gleefully dove head first into the rabbit hole of training and hasn't stopped learning since!

After the covid 19 pandemic Jess wanted to make her dreams manifest and work with animals full-time. She joined the team of a well-known dog company in West Lothian for a year, walking, learning everything she could about training, joining in assisting with dog training classes, and then teaching some classes herself once her knowledge and experiences grew. Her desires to help people and train dogs could not be contained and it was time for the jester to leave the court, and strike out on her own with Aimee to make real the dream she never thought possible: be a dog trainer.

Jess is currently working on an Ofqual Level 3 Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour & Welfare

Jessica Byrne

Also known as The Jester!

Well, these lasses seem lovely! What does everyone else think of them?

Accreditations and qualifications


Both Aimee and Jess are IMDT qualified trainers.

Jess and Aimee are currently working together in both dog walking and training. Watch this space for exciting updates as we gain more qualifications in our training journey!

We are            

  • Disclosure checked

  • First Aid Trained

  • Fully Insured by Protectivity

  • Experienced dog walkers and trainers

  • IMDT qualified trainers

  • Members of the PPN - Pet Professional Network

  • Winner of the Scottish Pet Industry award for Scotland's best dog walking business for 2022

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