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We’re here to walk your dog getting them out on fun adventures with other woofters, letting them run, explore and play to their heart’s content. You can rest assured they’re in safe hands with us, giving you peace of mind while your best friend is in our care. We ramble across countryside, explore rivers and delve into woodlands, letting your dog experience all the best dog-based things!


We're ready

For Adventure

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Aimee or Jess drive to your house to collect your dog and transport them safely in our specially kitted-out cars.

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Play Time

We take them to exciting places to run, play and sniff off-lead for 40 minutes and return them home, tired, happy and satisfied

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Home to Rest

We return your dog home, ready to sleep the day away after all that fun and frolicking, having had the best day ever!

Group Walks

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Training Walks

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Pop-in Visits

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What we Offer

Group Walks


We have morning/lunch time walks during the weekdays available for your dog to play with other dogs on their adventures. Book them in on either the morning or early afternoon slot depending on your life needs, or either if it doesn’t matter which!

The maximum number of dogs we have is 6 at a time, but we like to keep the groups to around 4 so we can give each dog the individual attention they need.

If you’re worried your dog might not want to run about daft or is a bit on the slower, pensive side, don’t worry; We treat each dog according to their needs and if you need them paired up with less active dogs, we do our best to put compatible groups together.

Group Walks

Training Walks

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Is your dog secretly planning to join the Olympic Pulling On The Lead competition without your knowledge? Is getting out and about generally a bit stressful because of your dog doing things you’d rather they wouldn’t?

Come with us on a training walk. We’ll help target specific problems you want to tackle!

  • Pulling too much?

  • Not much focus on you?

  • Over excited about other dogs and people?

  • All of the above!?

We got this! 

Get in touch with us for a training walk block and you’ll soon be walking together nicely like nobody’s business!

Training Wak

Pop-in Visits

All other pet pop-ins. We can come over to feed and water your pets while you’re away.

  • Letting your dog out to pee and break up the day a bit

  • Pop-ins for all other animals - cats, small rodents, rabbits, birds, reptiles.(excluding spiders, as phobias abound)

subject to availability- We are a small team of two and don’t have many spaces for visits. Please get in touch with us to discuss needs.


Already our client?


Pet Sitter Plus is your best friend! Easily book all your walks, make payments, change and add anything you want through your online pet sitter portal.

Your login for your client portal is in your welcome email. Contact us to get your link sent again! (the login for this page is for booking classes) 

As our clients you also get access to our exclusive shop. Chews, treats and toys, all of the highest quality and best, natural ingredients. Contact us for more info about our shop.

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